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There are 40 million blind people in the world. Colors devotes a black-and-white issue to them. The first colourless Colors you can read or listen to at home or while out and about.

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Was dat cat blind?

Rob Quest, 36 years old
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I’m the only blind rapper I know but I still come and go, flip, screw, get down and get around just like I could see

I curse a lot. That’s how we rap on the West Coast… I’m not from the West Coast, and I live in Texas, but I use a lotta’ slang.
It’s not gay or anything but until you say motherfucker no one wants to listen… See, I’m not trying to save the okey-doke motherfuckers that are already saved, I’m trying to reach the ones that are already lost, to capture their attention and put a message in it. So if I hit ‘em with a rap about dope or fuckin’ bitches or gang-bangin’ I’m not gonna say that’s loud or whoop-de-doo, I’m gonna give ‘em an answer.

I’m the only blind rapper I know, but I still come and go, flip, screw, get down and get around just like I could see. Bein’ blind is just an inconvenience and I carry myself like I can see. People been telling me, “Man, you got killer flows” and it’s my turn next. I’m getting ready for a 40-city tour and I’m lookin’ for a Grammy. You know my kids need some good food to chew on.

I don’t rap about bein’ blind. Not that I’m ashamed or anything but I don’t want no sympathy claps and I don’t want to use my blindness as a stepping stone. I want my music to represent me. I want people to walk away from my
show wondering to themselves, ‘Was dat cat blind?’

People pretty much lead boring lives but I’ve led this wild rock and roll lifestyle: drugs, poppin’ three, four, five ecstasy pills a day, smokin’ joints constantly, binge drinkin’, stayin’ up all night with the fellas, fuckin’ badass bitches… I keep it movin’, because you know in the streets it’s movin’. I hate to say it so bluntly but, you know, Bobby and Whitney type stuff: livin’ the risky life, not
sleepin’, city to city, workin’ on music… Wild! It’s truly addictive and starts comin’ out in your music. You want more and more and more, and I just did crazy damage to my liver.

I’ve calmed down a whole lot. I have a liver disease that I’m going through but I wear it well, you know. God has given me a second chance and I’m on a donor list for a new liver, but it’s crazy, I’m kinda dying… you know, we all born dying.