New oil under the sea

July 31th, 2056
Excerpt from Last Resources

A huge energy reserve lies under the Icelandic seas.

It all began one month ago when a junior scuba diver, S.J., 17, came back from one of his missions covered by sticky black liquid. Scientists first thought it was the effect of Pepsi Cola and peanut butter that had possibly been floating from the United States to Europe through the Atlantic Ocean.

Then truth was revealed. The melting ice caps unexpectedly uncovered big natural oil reserves , thus attracting new attention on to fossil fuels, almost forgotten as a resource of energy.

Yesterday morning, in New York, UN Secretary spokesman clarified that last discoveries won’t change the world energy supply situation to any extent.
At night, a paparazzi caught Sheik Moustafa and Henry Shell, last heir of the impoverished oil dynasty, having dinner together at Pino’s.