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This monographic issue is the work of two young Chinese artists, Chen Jiaojiao and Peng Yangjun. A creative duo from Fabrica, they came up with the concept, photos, design and text for the issue. Made in China. Enjoy.
I was born in Beijing and grew up there. I lived there until I was 22. To a little girl, the city meant home, school and all the familiar narrow streets. For the past four years, as a traveler, I began to miss Beijing badly and wanted to know more about the city. And now, through COLORS, I have finally had the chance to pass again and again through the city, to explore its corners and secrets, and to chat with people whom I only passed by before, by chance. Maybe only when you leave a place can you feel its true essence.
Chen Jiaojiao

I was born in a small city in the southern part of China. The first song I learned as a child was about Beijing’s Tian An Men Square. Like other kids I longed to see the capital and had endless fantasies about it based on textbooks, radio and TV. I never had an actual lationship with the city until 1996, when I went to Beijing for the first time. I thought it was the greatest experience I had ever had! Now, to me Beijing is just the city of my girlfriend’s family.
Peng Yangjun is the online presence of COLORS a quarterly magazine that focuses on cultural topics from around the world.

Aeromedica Museum –  PAGE 1
Model of the Country Founding Ceremony of 1949, Aeromedica more

Founding Marshals –  PAGE 2
Statues of the 10 founding marshals of China, National Wax more

Buildings –  PAGE 3
Building site near Soho New more

Fate –  PAGE 4
“You are tenacious of life, like a cat with nine lives, but please take care of your throat. You make old bones, more

Chimney –  PAGE 5
“The house of my first girlfriend’s family was located under this chimney.”

Song Wen, 30...
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Swimming pool –  PAGE 6
“This is Beijing’s last outdoor swimming pool. If it disappears, our summer disappears.”

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Tall building –  PAGE 7
“We would ride the elevator up and down, down and up.” more

Beijing model –  PAGE 8
Model of nightscape of Beijing, Rong Zun Bao more

Princest –  PAGE 9
“I am the youngest of my 21 brothers and 16 sisters. They called me the 17th princess.” more

Octagonal hat –  PAGE 10
“See this photo of Chairman Mao? We made his octagonal hat.” more

Family –  PAGE 11
Yue Qiang, Yue Zhuang, 6 year-old twins, with their parents. Having twins is one of the few ways to have a second child more

Beijing Opera –  PAGE 12
“You’ve been fed with pizza and McDonald’s. It’s time to have a bit of Chinese tea.” more

Dance –  PAGE 13
“It’s very difficult to live off dancing.” more

Date –  PAGE 14
“To save up enough to buy betrothal gifts, I’d have to work for 13 years without spending a cent.”

Liu Ailian...
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Coca-Cola –  PAGE 15
“For ages I thought Santa Claus was president of the United States.”

He Ting, 22...
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Cosplay –  PAGE 16
“I’ve got lots of fans who regard me as their idol.”

Dian Xia, 16...
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Entertainment –  PAGE 17
Left, Beijing Zoo; Right, Wan Bingxin, 11, videogame more

Mural –  PAGE 18
Mural, China Aviation more

Belief –  PAGE 19
“During the initiation rite, I cried. I’d been waiting for that moment for 10 years.”

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Human body –  PAGE 20
“I didn’t have the money for university fees so I decided to become an artist’s model. I thought this more

Poet –  PAGE 21
“I am a poet, I’ve written many poems.” more

McDonald's –  PAGE 22
“McDonald’s was a more formal place than for Americans.” more

Sex –  PAGE 23
“In fact, in the past, China was very open about sex.”

De Ganga, owner, 32...
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Learning –  PAGE 24
“Their grades will determine their job, their house and their car.”

Wang Guifeng, 34...
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Airplane –  PAGE 25
Chinese-built air force fighter plane, exhibit at the China Aviation more

Punk –  PAGE 26
“Being a punk is a way of venting to society, to my family. I hate this world.”

Jia Jing, 17...
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Exercise –  PAGE 27
9:30am exercise, Guang Qu Men Middle more

Queen –  PAGE 28
“I come to sing in this bar every Thursday night, dressed as a woman.”

Fan Qihui, 38...
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Beauty contest –  PAGE 29
“All supermodels become famous through beauty contests, so we all wanted to take our chances.”

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Star –  PAGE 30
“I dream of becoming a film star.”

Duan Shengcun, 19, extra actor...
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Taxi –  PAGE 31
“I started to drive a taxi when I was 18. Women drivers were few at the time, as well as taxicabs.”
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Bath –  PAGE 32
“We don’t just come for a bath. I come to meet old friends, including the workers who rub customers’ more

Rural worker –  PAGE 33
“I’ve taken part in the construction of 10 skyscrapers in Beijing.”

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Mongol –  PAGE 34
“The brick under my feet is from the old city wall.”

A Lusi, 34, owner of Hourglass Café...
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Lottery –  PAGE 35
Xu Tixin, state lottery ticket vendor. In China, all forms of gambling are banned except for the state lottery. In this more

Steel Factory –  PAGE 36
Capital Steel more

Observatory –  PAGE 37
Observation deck at the CCTV more

Dog –  PAGE 38
“We gave him the name Piggy in hopes that he’d be as strong as a pig.”

Wang Feng, 52...
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Demolition –  PAGE 39
Demolition site, Liu Yin more

Demolition site –  PAGE 40
Left, He Jing, 32, the last tenant of the Liu Yin Hutong building refused to leave even while demolition was in more

Luxury –  PAGE 41
Rong Zun Bao Club, one of the two most luxurious social clubs in Beijing. The annual membership fee is US$ more

Guinness –  PAGE 42
“Our hotel holds a Guinness World Record.”

Chen Lijia, 19, chambermaid at Tian Zi hotel...
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Sinkiang –  PAGE 43
“I only came here to earn some money and to see what our capital is like.”

Maimaiti Shanmaiti, 24...
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Mini World Park –  PAGE 44
Left, Zhangheng, 34, tourist at Mini World Park; Right, Xu Yanru, 16, clerk at Mini World more

New York –  PAGE 45
1:10 scale model of World Trade Center (New York), Mini World more

Euro-style sculpture –  PAGE 46
“Euro-style is a trend now.”Li Xiaozhu, 38, Zhang Yanfang, more

Pharmacy –  PAGE 47
Chest containing Chinese herbal medicines, Chong Ren Tang more

Beijing Olympics –  PAGE 48
Sculpture of the panda Pan Pan at the Beijing Olympic Sport more

Thanks and Credits –  PAGE 49

Andy Cameron London more