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The generally accepted theory is that the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a descendant of a monkey virus known as the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV). Nobody really knows how SIV passed to humans, creating HIV. The “hunter hypothesis” suggests that Central African hunters were contaminated with the blood of infected monkeys. Another theory claims that the virus was transferred to humans via oral polio vaccines incubated in infected monkeys’ kidneys. One conspiracy theory claims that HIV was man-made as a biological weapon in the 1970s by the CIA to wipe out people of African descent and homosexuals. This theory fails to consider that it was not possible to create a virus with the technology available at the time, and that even today scientists don’t know exactly how the HIV virus works. is the online presence of COLORS a quarterly magazine that focuses on cultural topics from around the world.

London, UK –  PAGE 1
Drag artist and performer Lavinia Fox (above), 54, keeps a file of obituaries in his London apartment. He says more

India –  PAGE 2
If you are passing through Delhi, India, take the GT Karnal Road and stop off at the Sanjay Gandhi Transport more

Botswana –  PAGE 3
Cynthia Leshomo, 33 (above), is Botswana’s Ms. HIV Stigma Free 2005. Cynthia, a customer services officer for a more

Marrakesh, Morocco –  PAGE 4
“When the police checked my backpack and saw that I had condoms , they used them as proof to say that I was more

Staten Island, New York City –  PAGE 5
12pm, Saturday. Staten Island, New York City, USA: Two medics use movie passes, phone cards and T-shirts to more

Odessa, Ukraine –  PAGE 6
The first incidence of HIV/AIDS in Odessa, Ukraine, occurred in 1987. Some locals think it was brought to the more

Roman Catholic Church –  PAGE 7
“Infecting someone with AIDS would mean sinning against the fifth commandment—You shall not kill,” says more

Uganda –  PAGE 8
In 2003, US President George W. Bush announced the Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), a US$15 billion more

Iran and Afghanistan –  PAGE 9
In Iran, heroin is easier to get than beer and cheaper than a carton of milk. Smugglers use the country as more

South Africa –  PAGE 10
One million babies are born in South Africa every year. The same number will be orphaned through AIDS before the more

Thailand –  PAGE 11
The Thai government supplies antiretroviral medication (ARV) to half of the people who need it. It helps that it’ more

Delhi, India –  PAGE 12
The Sahara Community Center in Delhi, India, was founded in 1978. In 1991 its staff realized that many people more

London, UK –  PAGE 13
“My job is to be myself and involve others. We use our skills to fight attitudes to HIV and AIDS. I was chosen more

Liberia –  PAGE 14
In Liberia 80 percent of the population lives below the poverty line. During the 14-year civil war (which ended more

Hamburg, Germany –  PAGE 15
“I had great sex with the wrong man. His name was Uwe and he wore a suit, was about 50 and tall, dark and more

Uganda –  PAGE 16
AIDS has left 13 million orphans in sub-Saharan.Pictured above, orphans of the Home of Care and Love, Henan, more

Florida, USA –  PAGE 17
Miriam Schuler, 86, is also known as Condom Grandma. She has been on TV and in newspapers for handing out more

South Africa –  PAGE 18
Every week half a million children between three and five years old watch “Takalami Sesame”, the South African more

Basotho, South Africa –  PAGE 19
In the photo above, residents of Basotho, South Africa, attend a screening of Ask Me, I’m Positive, which is more

China –  PAGE 20
“I found out about AIDS in 1996. Before that I didn’t even know it existed,” says Gao Yaojie, 79, a retired more

New Orleans, USA –  PAGE 21
When Hurricane Katrina passed through New Orleans, USA, in August 2005, it destroyed 80 percent of the city and more

Milford, USA –  PAGE 22
I was diagnosed with HIV two decades ago, when AIDS was a “gay” health crisis and few Americans, let alone more

Musina, South Africa –  PAGE 23
“When I found out I was positive I told my son not to cry because then I would cry too.” Thandi Sithole ( more

Zimbabwe –  PAGE 24
Zimbabwe’s official unemployment rate is 9 percent, though more realistic estimates put it at about 75 percent. more

Paris, France –  PAGE 25
Under the Chevènement Law introduced in 1998, immigrants with HIV/AIDS cannot be deported from France if they more

Rome, Italy –  PAGE 26
HIV/AIDS medications make people live longer, but side effects include neuropathy, diarrhea, nausea and more

New Zealand –  PAGE 27
It’s a criminal offense in many countries to knowingly put someone at risk of HIV. So far, seven people have more

Miami, USA –  PAGE 28
Welcome aboard the MS Zuiderdam. Facilities include a spa, casino, two swimming pools, three restaurants, six more

sub-Saharan Africa –  PAGE 29
One million people a year die from malaria. Two million people a year die from tuberculosis. If you’re more

India –  PAGE 30
In the village of Menasikyathana Halli (population 2,000) in southern India, villagers first heard the word “ more

Scientists have been trying to develop an HIV vaccine since the virus first became known in the 1980s. Currently more

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Andy Cameron London
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